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Hair Transplantation

Traditional hair transplant procedures required major surgery, long recovery time, and left unsightly linear scars. With the more recent advent of follicular unit extraction (FUE), hair transplantation has become a virtually undetectable, viable option for hair restoration candidates.


The ATERA System provides the physician advanced technology to perform minimally invasive FUE hair restoration for men and women that creates hairlines so natural looking that they are virtually unnoticeable, even upon close examination.  And recovery time is minimized from weeks to only one or two days. These permanent, natural looking results combined with a quick recovery provide the physician and patient a formula for success now and in the future.



Because deciding to have a hair transplant procedure is a significant life changing decision, it is important that your questions regarding hair restoration surgery and how it compares to other hair restoration methods are answered.  Researching hair restoration procedures is a crucial step in understanding how the ATERA System works and when you can expect to see results.


The first step in the process is a formal consultation with a qualified hair transplant physician.  The physician will ask about your medical history, your hair loss, and how you would like your hair to look in the future. After examining your hair loss and assessing the amount of donor hair you have available for transplant, your physician will recommend a strategic plan.


From there you’ll learn the details of the ATERA procedure, and define the number of grafts needed to create the natural looking results you are striving for.  Typically the procedure will begin in the morning and end the same afternoon.  Most patients return to work and full activity the following day.  In the weeks following your ATERA procedure your new hair will begin to take root with results that look and feel completely natural.

Doctor Consultation
Why Atera


ATERA’s advanced technology brings science and automation to the FUE technique allowing patients to achieve permanent, natural looking results without the scalpel and stitches, unsightly linear scar, and long recovery time associated with traditional hair transplants.


Developed with leading hair restoration physicians, recognized clinics, and medical device engineers the ATERA System offers:


  • Advanced FUE Technology 

  • Outpatient one day procedure 

  • Minimal discomfort 

  • Quick recovery 

  • Permanent, natural results



Hair restoration is your decision.  Your success is our goal.  Contact us today and discover how choosing ATERA can help you achieve the permanent, natural looking hair restoration results that make you look and feel younger.

Atera Hair Transplantation
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